Neon's & Neutrals by Tula Pink 20 Small Spools

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20 Small spools - 220 yards each - 50 weight - 100% Cotton - Made in Italy

“When I began designing [Everglow], I was searching for something new to say about color that would still live in my world. The only realm of color that I have never touched on is the world of neutrals, those subtle colors that create the perfect backdrop to the vibrant color that I am already so fond of. Soft, earthy colors alone wouldn’t stand up to my everyday colors so I decided to pair their whisper with the loudest scream of color I could create on cloth – neons.” - Tula Pink

Tula Pink's Neons & Neutrals thread sets were curated to complement her Everglow & True Colors (Neons) collections with Free Spirit Fabrics. They feature a stunning range of rainbow neutrals in partner with three custom NEON colors available ONLY in these limited edition collections.

20 SMALL SPOOLS COTTON 50WT Colours included: 7000 (Neon Orange), 2410, 2420, 2375, 6728, 7001 (Neon Yellow), 2310, 2920, 2908, 5019 7002 (Neon Pink), 2564, 2566, 6735, 6731,6737, 5014, 2600, 2610, 1310

Includes Exclusive Artwork on Cardboard Box Packaging

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